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Accurate design and targeted preparation are key components for the success of a laboratory. Optimizing the spaces available in relation to the workflows and specific activities of the laboratory are essential factors for the best success of the project. Rely on us for the realization of your laboratory: years of experience, materials and tools of proven quality and respect for delivery times are our guarantee for the perfect success of your project.

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From the floor plan to the commissioning of the laboratory

Design and choice of supplies

According to the activities that the laboratory will have to carry out, we will choose together the best furnishing solution, the most functional layout and the necessary equipment. Our technicians will evaluate the best solutions and coordinate both supply and assembly. Upon delivery, your laboratory will be ready to get to work.

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The choice of tools

The best equipment for your needs

In the large number of offers and proposals available today on the market, it’s not always easy to quickly identify the most suitable instrumentation for your needs. Each reality should set-up an equipment, in terms of performance and cost- effectiveness, aimed to its specific targets. Thanks to our decades-long cooperation with the reference producers of the market, we put at your disposal the necessary experience for a choice tailored to your current and future needs, in compliance with the established budget.

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We can provide everything that is necessary from the first moments of commissioning a new laboratory: training for operators on the use of equipment, calibration of instruments, reagents and consumables, service in the event of equipment failure or malfunction.

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